Why Delaware?

Delaware Real Estate

Using our proprietary method based on dozens of critical factors, we identified Delaware to be the perfect balance between return, safety, and appreciation. Here’s the top 10 reasons why we believe you should choose Delaware as your next US real estate investing hot spot:

  1. Guaranteed rent by local US government, making it the safest investing spot in the country.
  2. Delaware house prices are one of the lowest in the country since the 2008 recession.
  3. Much higher return on investment due to lower house prices since 2007 and strong government housing demand and rental rates.
  4. Huge appreciation potential since Delaware housing hit bottom in 2012.
  5. Delaware is one of the states with the lowest property holding costs such as property tax, insurance, and repairs.
  6. Government allows ZERO Sales Tax on goods and services when you make any purchase in Delaware.
  7. Delaware’s cost of living is much lower compared to any other states, attracting tons of Asian students from local and around the world.
  8. Delaware has a much better living environment because it’s far enough from the city pollution, yet close enough for strong employment opportunity.
  9. Delaware sees a huge increase in cash buyer activity and especially from Chinese buyers over the last 6 years.
  10. And finally, you have the most knowledgeable Asian investors in the nation to help you invest in the US real estate market, from finding, inspecting, buying, renovating, passing government inspection, placing government tenants, collecting rents, wiring rents, property management, re-newing the lease, our list goes on and on…

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