About Us

Blue Whale Investors LLC is a Delaware based full service real estate investment company that specializes in working with local and overseas investors. It was founded and established through the merger of Chinese/American real estate investing experts Marvin Daniels and Zi Jun Wallace Zhou. Both of them have been mentoring and giving advice to countless investors from surrounding areas and overseas on real estate investing.

Wallace Zhou

Wallace Zhou is a self-made Chinese/American businessman who has closed and been involved in countless amounts of real estate and business transactions since 2011. In 2002, Wallace and his family moved from China and came to America due to his father’s job. That same year, Wallace started learning how to speak, read and write English. About 2 months later, he started his very first part time job at the age of 20. From 2002 until 2010, he worked at a few different restaurant jobs, working about 60 hours a week and he realized that he only made his boss rich but yet he was still struggling financially to take care of his family. After being rejected a couple of times from getting a raise, Wallace decided to leave his job as a restaurant manager and began creating his own American dream by building his own business in real estate.  In 2011 he started working in real estate as a real estate agent with Keller Williams. With his skill and ability he quickly rose to the high ranks as a realtor and began working with high net worth individuals from China and U.S. 2013 is when he decided to go from a realtor to investor. Wallace had the opportunity to be a student of Dan Pena known as the trillion dollar man, real estate giant Ron Legrand Fortune Builders and others! Wallace started purchasing massive amounts of rental units along with, wholesale deals and fix and flips, as well as being a private lender. 2018 is when he decided to take his business to the public to help more families to achieve the same success from investing. Wallace now is still working on the same plan since he first started and that plan is to help as many people as he can. Whenever he has free time, Wallace will spend it with his family and friends. His hobbies include basketball, bodybuilding, and boxing.

Marvin Daniels

In 2004 Marvin met his long-term friend Wallace at the local YMCA gym in Delaware and their friendship has been long standing ever since. Before real estate, Marvin was working at the Bob Carpenter Convocation Center as a event staff supervisor. This was a local center for University of Delaware students and locals to watch college basketball games, concerts and other forms of entertainment, but very soon he realized the financial freedom and the time freedom, which both business and real estate can offer. He decided to leave his job and partner up with Wallace in 2013 to build businesses in real estate! Marvin was fortunate to be a student of the great trillion dollar man Dan Pena, Fortune Builders, Ron Legrand and others! Throughout Marvin’s entire time being his own boss, he has wholesaled properties to his partner Wallace and other investors, rehabbed and sold multiple single-family homes and townhomes, along with creative financing deals. He has also mentored a select group of students in the Tri state area! Today his main focus is private lending, along with buy and hold properties. Coaching with his partner and his team, as well as building other businesses! However, he is still involved with fix and flip, and wholesaling properties!

Today, Blue Whale Investors is focused on helping more and more investors from all over the world to reach their financial goals by investing in US real estate the right way. If you or someone you know is looking to invest in the US real estate, then Marvin and Wallace would be the most qualified people to consult with you.

Call us today at 302-565-8210 or write to us using the contact form on the top right of the page to learn right the way to invest in real estate. You can also connect with us through WeChat by scanning the QR code below:

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We look forward to helping you with the very best way to invest in the US real estate market with our most proven and up-to-date investing strategies!

At your service,

Marvin Daniels – CEO
Wallace Zhou – Owner